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New Tiny Silicon Thermopile Outperforms Competitors

Dexter Research Center announces the availability of the ST120, a small thermopile detector that offers high output in a silicon-based chip. Developed with Dexter’s industry-leading internal optimization program, the ST120 is believed to outperform any competitor with same active area.

The ST120 Four Channel Silicon Thermopile

The new single-channel silicon-based thermopile provides lowest cost solutions in a small active area of 1.2mm x 1.2mm in a TO-5 package. Performing at a time constant of 25ms with nitrogen encapsulation gas, the ST120 delivers a very low Temperature Coefficient of Responsivity of minus 0.04%/°C. This detector has a very short thermal shock response to ambient temperature change.

The new device is available with many of the long list of optical filter options from Dexter Research. An optional Internal 30kW 5% NTC chip thermistor provides ambient package temperature measurement. Also available, an internal aperture precisely defines active area for applications with field-of-view and/or spot size requirements.

The company believes that the ST120 will become the preferred detector for gas analysis. It is well suited to multi element applications, and is excellent for non-contact temperature, fire suppression, and for use as a horizon sensor.

A volume manufacturer, as well as the global center of expertise for infrared detectors since 1977, Dexter Research Center, Inc., Dexter, Michigan, offers 30 models and over 600 products, more than all competitors combined. Enjoying record growth in 2005, Dexter Research continues to lead the industry in the design, development and production of high quality, high output thin film and silicon-based infrared sensing thermopile sensors.

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