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Your innovative ideas combined with our development expertise and our passion for perfection takes your ideas from concept to production without compromising your vision.


With 31 core products and over 1,000 individual part numbers, our ability to customize a detector to your specific application is what we’ve done for over 35 years.


As an extension of your design team, we bring the development engineers and application specific partners together to make your ideas work.

Speed to Market

Our corporate structure and engineering team organization allow us to better assist customers in prototype creation and product realization for short timelines.

Nothing performs better than a Dexter detector.

Since 1977, Dexter Research has been the preferred provider of infrared thermopile detectors for science and industry. Today we offer the world's largest selection of thermopile-based solutions including high-quality, high-output Bismuth-Antimony thin film and silicon-based infrared-sensing thermopile detectors. We offer standard detectors in high volumes. We also customize detectors for specific needs. Integrated modules serve as complete sensing subsystems. Customers in scientific research, automotive, aerospace, home appliances, security systems, medical equipment, and more now rely on Dexter Research for the highest-performance detectors. Learn more »

Why Thermopiles?

A Reliable and Durable Platform for Temperature Sensing

Sensor Detector = Temperature. Precise knowledge of a material, cell or living tissue temperature is a core requirement of virtually every industrial process, medical procedure or biomedical culture. Analyzing temperature is essential to monitoring the weather and the physical environments for humans, animals and crops. Fire detection is a key requirement for safety of our homes, work places, medical centers, and combat vehicles and aircraft. Dexter Research thin-film infrared sensor technology has been the most reliable and durable platform for any non-contact infrared temperature measurement. Read more »

The Hard-Working Core of Our Low-Cost Motion Sensor

Motion. We depend on it for all of our work processes and home security. But we also measure motion and regulate it. We want to know when someone is present and automatically light the way in the dark or open a door for convenience. We may want to turn on video surveillance or detect an intruder. At the core of Dexter’s Thermacon passive infrared motion sensor is a low-cost, yet highly reliable thermopile detector, manufactured right here in the Dexter Research Center. Read more »

For Reliable Gas Detection Wherever It’s Needed Most

Oxygen. It’s life itself. No wonder Dexter Research’s thermopile infrared gas sensors are used in home, office and health safety systems to detect dangerous gases that impact oxygen levels and other gas leaks. Our infrared gas detectors have also served as multi-gas analyzers in hospital operating rooms around the world to assure patient safety during anesthesiology. Read more »